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My bucket list ideas

While I’ve been reflecting on the 11 months I’ve spent in the UK between coming home from France and now going to Australia - it got me thinking about if there was anything I did want to do before I up and leave again. I was actually asked this today by my friend which is what started this thought process.

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Five things to do in Budapest

Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to do something a little different a write the best five things I did when I visited Budapest. Firstly I just need to say how incredible this place is - I went with my friend a little over a year ago, just before Christmas and we had the best few days exploring. The food, the history, the thermal baths of course - it’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and it’s one of the places I would definitely visit again.

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Book club: January edition

So here we are, 12 days deep into 2019 already. Here is the first month of book club for the year and it’s a good one!

Reading is and always has been such an escape for me. Those around me will know I always have a book close by. Sometimes I’ll spend hours reading to let my imagination fill my mind instead of thoughts such as how many loads of washing I’ve got piling up or how messy the space around me is.

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