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What are your goals? These are mine…

I’m currently sat at my desk waiting for the beloved Love Island to commence. I didn’t watch it last year because my boyfriend at the time hated it but I have to say - two days in this year and I’m already hooked. Perks of being single I suppose.

I wanted to use these precious 20 minutes to write a post about the goals I have set myself before the end of 2019.

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My bucket list ideas

While I’ve been reflecting on the 11 months I’ve spent in the UK between coming home from France and now going to Australia - it got me thinking about if there was anything I did want to do before I up and leave again. I was actually asked this today by my friend which is what started this thought process.

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Let's talk about new year resolutions

It’s currently the 3rd of January 2019 and this year I’ve decided to go about things slightly differently. Instead fo the usual resolutions consisting of eating better, exercising more and spending less. I’ve decided on a few, more useful, resolutions. When I say useful, I mean useful for me as I know I could never stick to one of those resolutions for longer than a day. As soon as I see pizza, that’s two of the three resolutions out the window. And the exercise one too I suppose as who’s going to hop off the sofa and run a 10k after an entire, large Dominos pizza? Not me.

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