What are your goals? These are mine…

I’m currently sat at my desk waiting for the beloved Love Island to commence. I didn’t watch it last year because my boyfriend at the time hated it but I have to say - two days in this year and I’m already hooked. Perks of being single I suppose.

I wanted to use these precious 20 minutes to write a post about the goals I have set myself before the end of 2019. I just feel like for me, having achievable goals really motivates me and makes me excited to reach each one. Are any of you like this? It also keeps me accountable. Plus, how flippin’ cool to look back when it is the end of the year and see if I achieved them all?!

In no particular order, here are my goals for the rest of the year:

  1. Move out! I’ve spent the last three years living in France, Ibiza, Australia and with my ex-boyfriend but I’m now back home while I settle back into English life and a new job. I want to save for the next 6 months and then finally actually move out. I’m going to lap up the free meals while I can before delving into the adult world. I’m going to move to Bristol as it’s my fave place in the world (literally) and it’s also where my job is.

  2. Sell my car. This is a strange ‘goal’, it’s more of a To Do really. But I want to sell it and upgrade to an adult car. Maybe my real goal is actually ‘to become an adult by the end of 2019’? haha

  3. Save A LOT. I’m going to spend the next 6 months living off bare minimum. I really want to get a good lot of money behind me. Also to help with goal number one but I just feel like I’ve learned the whole minimalistic lifestyle from my travels around Australia. And I honestly feel happier and more grateful than ever, instead of feeling like I’m constantly missing out or constantly wanting new stuff. I went off on a lil tangent there but I’ll be writing a whole post on the above very soon. Anyway yes, save a lot is goal number three.

  4. Get lean. I feel like I’m at a good weight that I’m happy with but I’m not lean. I want to lose fat and gain a bit of muscle. I’m not going to put pressure on this as I’m so happy with my relationship with food these days but I do want to feel a bit nicer in my undies. Not that anyone is seeing me in my undies bar me and maybe my mum if I ever ask her to tan my back haha. Sorry mum.

  5. Get to 1,000 Instagram followers. I feel like this is an honest one. Numbers don’t matter but what I mean by this is I want to be on my game. I want to be uploading consistently, creating content I’m proud of, content you enjoy looking at, content that grows my audience. I want to put in hard work and get more consistent and I want that to get me to my goal.

  6. Get to 500 subscribers on YouTube. Similar to above… I don’t want to click my fingers and get to this. I want to work hard, put in the hours (and blimey it does take hours) and I want to see my hard work reflected in my growth. Maybe these two goals are more like ‘I want to be motivated’. But that isn’t a trackable goal so I feel these are better goals to have.

  7. Complete some kind of something in Digital Marketing. I eventually want to get into Digital Marketing or Copywriting but I feel my uni days are over. I couldn’t imagine starting a degree so I need to find another way to start my career. Maybe a diploma? An online course? Work experience? I’m not sure. But I want to invest time and money into learning and getting some kind of certification in the above so that I could get my dream job within the next few years. I mean, I’m only 23 so even if I did do a degree I’d only be 26… Who knows. But hopefully I’ll be writing a blog post in a few years to tell you all about landing my dream job!

  8. Learn an instrument! I’ve been writing this asa goal for years and now I’m finally in the position where I am settling down in one place and will have the time and funds to put into this. I want to learn piano and guitar so we shall see what happens…

So, these are my main goals. I feel like these are achievable and manageable. Goals I’m in the position to achieve. Imagine; I could be a Pino playing, toned Meg, living in Bristol with my new car parked outside and some kind of certification on Digital Marketing under my belt. I feel like I’ve got this. It just means 6 months of W E R K.

Right, your goal from me (I feel like I’m giving you homework) is to write down your goals that you want to achieve by the end of 2019. Let me know what they are!

I’ll be giving you an update in December so keep an eye out…

Speak to you soon,

Meg xx