Photo album: Plymouth Edition + Your tips when feeling anxious or stressed?

Happy Thursday!!

My god, I honestly cannot believe I have 5 days left until I start my new job. I am so used to unemployed life it’s ridiculous. I am starting to get a little bored though and I keep waking up feeling anxious and I think it’s because I just don’t have much purpose in my days. I’m also finding it hard to socialise because I’m really used to my own company so the thought of getting ready and socialising is actually scaring me at the moment. Which is not a good sign.

So, I cannot wait to have a purpose, a routine, be up and about every day, meeting new people, being in Bristol, making money… the list goes on.

Anyway - that was extremely off topic! I took myself down to Plymouth over the weekend to see my cousin/best friend and we just had a super chilled weekend. It involved food, walking, being near the sea and watching Black Mirror so basically, all my fave things in the world.

Here are a few pictures:


I wasn’t going to post that last pizza pic because there are crumbs and it looks messy but I mean, all pizza is beautiful so who am I to discriminate?

I wanted to share this little post not only to keep 4ever but to ask what kind of things you do when you’re feeling a bit crappy? Comment on my latest Instagram picture (@happygomeg) with what you like to do to make yourself feel better on stressful, low or anxious days! I feel like people can scroll through and get a few ideas which is sometimes what you need when you’re feeling a little stuck.

Thank you for reading!

Meg xx

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