The REAL reason I stopped blogging

Hey guys,

Thank you for clicking on this and giving it a read. Get yourselves a cup of tea and a snack because I’m about to open up about why I gave up with social media.

To put it bluntly, I stopped being motivated by all of this. I had a dream and mini goals set out when I first started this but in all honesty, it all went to shit when I started getting a feel for what all of ‘this’ is. I just was not and am still not motivated by what a lot of popular social media accounts stand for. I don’t want to spend money every week on new clothes, I don’t want to get fillers to look like I should look according to these influencers, I don't want to spend all my money on doing expensive things just to get a good pic the will get a lot of likes. The list could continue but you know where I’m coming from.

I mean, all power to these people. Their content is always amazing, consistent and obviously very popular. I follow a few accounts like these and I like to have a look at their new clothes and whatever it is but… how could I compare to that? How could little old me start flaunting my untoned bod in fluorescent green tracksuits and Gucci glasses and get 12k likes per pic? I just couldn’t. it’s not possible. And it also just isn’t what I’m motivated by.

That’s what I’ve come to realise very recently though; which is exactly why I’m writing this and am hopping back on my OWN blogging band wagon. I have realised that I cannot compare to those influencers and I don’t want to try. I am not interested or motivated by that. I realised that what I am motivated by is making new outfits from clothes I already own, finding ways to save money or reuse friends clothes for events, finding ways to save money, finding little ways to be more environmentally friendly, talking about real shit (very real shit), finding and talking about new hobbies, finding ways to feel more accomplished, travel, dupes and more affordable but incredible products…. all these things make me feel excited and passionate. Not because I’m being stingy or whatever but because I’m fed up of wasted money. I want to save for long term goals now. I’ve spent money on amazing travel and materialistic things and now I want to prepare for my future. I also want to look out for our planet and help stop the whole buy an outfit for 1 event thing that we’ve got going on. There’s a number of reasons all the above motivates me so now it’s time to share it. Which is why I’m going to stop trying to compare myself to successful people in saturated niches and just be me.

I hope you still enjoy my content and if there’s anything you’d love me to take about, try, research, be a guinea pig for… or just want to share knowledge you’d like me to write up into a post to share with the world then let me know!

I finally feel motivated, excited and passionate again so watch out for a million blog posts, instagram posts and YouTube videos.

Side note, but I can tell i’m feeling all those things because I’ve sat and written this in about 5 minutes because I’ve been typing like a keyboard warrior. I even have Quorn nuggets next to me getting cold - that’s how you know I’m serous.

Anyway - the nugs really are calling my name so I’ll wrap this up now.

Speak to you soon,

Meg xx