What I've learnt while travelling

Hello, good morning or afternoon wherever you may be. This is my second attempt at writing this as it didn’t save AGAIN. But at least it’s given me the excuse of buying a nice drink and sit in a cool bar. I think that’s what I enjoy most about writing if I’m honest. Setting up somewhere and just chilling. Anyway, I wanted to share the things I’ve learnt while travelling as I feel they’ve been pretty life changing.

  1. Materialistic things mean absolutely nothing. When I first cam to Australia, I bought a huge suitcase with stuff I honestly thought I couldn’t live without. I also still had draws full of clothes, make-up, beauty products, shoes etc. I even gave loads of stuff away to my friends because I bought so much crap on the regular. Once I moved on from Western Australia, I used a little hand luggage/cabin suitcase thing and took stuff that I genuinely used and left the big suitcase there. I still don’t use all of the stuff I bought with me. It’s really put into perspective how much crap I used to waste my money on and how little I actually need to live comfortably. I mean, saving up and buying something you’ve wanted for such a long time is very different to what I mean. I mean the whole buying a new outfit for everything, popping to Superdrug and buying new things for the sake of it, popping to Sainsbury’s every day and buying stuff without even registering a cheaper alternative. You know? It’s just made me realise that I lived a lifestyle that wasn’t good for me and I feel so much better living with only things I need.

  2. I spent SO much money at home!! Without even thinking! I’d buy breakfast out a few times a week, lunch out a few times a week, would go and spend money on snacks and evening meals. I’d pop to Sainsbury’s and easily spend up to £10 a day on dinner. I just cannot even comprehend that anymore after living off $1 pasta for a week and a loaf of $3.50 bread for lunch for the week. I mean yes, don’t get me wrong, I am an absolute foodie and I love going out for a treat. But even now, I’m looking at the price of things and making conscious decisions. Not just with food either but clothes and just everything. The only purchases I’ve made in 6 weeks are a T-shirt that I adore and wear so much and a ring that I can keep for life. I can’t even imagine how much I would have spent at home in that time. I’ve basically learnt to budget, not waste money, to find alternatives, that things are irrelevant, to only buy what I need and how to still have a treat while being sensible. Can I just say, I’d spend around £5-10 on food per day. Let’s say £10 (coffee, lunch and food for dinner). That’s £70 a week. Which is £280 a month roughly. Which equates to £3,360 a year. LIKE WHAT. So being here and having the tightest budget ever, it’s really made me think twice about everything. I’m so unbelievably glad I’ve learnt this lesson. What a slap on the wrist - but I feel 23 is the perfect age to learn this. And who knows, over two years that £6,700 could be going towards a house deposit.

  3. This one is different to the financial side of things, but I’ve learnt that I am so okay with my own company. I love it in fact. I can be sociable and enjoy it but then I’m so fine to just chill or explore by myself. I don’t reply on another person at all and it’s the best feeling. I think that being okay with your own company is so fulfilling. I’ve always been pretty independent but this is like a whole new level. I’m seeing my worth now which is something I’ve really struggled with prior to this trip. I know how I want to be treated by people and honestly, if I’m single for 3/4 years then so be it. I’m so okay alone. I’m done with needing to feel good enough for people. I want to be surrounded by people that I love and that love me. I want to do a bit on self love on my YouTube channel as its so important to me and I’ve learnt so much on this in the past year.

  4. On a different note again, I’ve learnt that it’s okay to not enjoy travelling as much as you thought. There’s such a huge thing around travelling and yes, I am so glad I came here but I feel like it’s a lil overrated. I thought I’d come here and love it straight away and want to move here and live the Aussie dream. I actually am just such an English girl at heart and now I can safely say I want to live and settle in England. I want to travel still don’t get me wrong - but I want to do like three week trips at a time exploring new countries and places while still having a solid base. I feel like I’m just done with temporary. I left for my first season in December 2016… It’s now April 2019. That’s a lot of temporary. I have made some best friends and I’ve had the actual time of my life and I would not be even an ounce of the person I am without it - literally not an ounce. I am SO glad I've done all of the travelling I’ve done. But I just mean, it’s okay to be done with it, you know? I think the hostel and temporary life isn’t for everyone and sometimes you need to try it to know it. What I’m basically trying to say is that there’s such a hype over travelling and sometimes you get to a place and you’re just a bit like ‘oh, why aren’t I enjoying this as much as I should be?’ And that’s so okay.

    (Is it weird to think that I’m sat writing this in one go? This is such a side note but like I’ve walk around, I’ve vlogged, I’ve been to the loo, I’m about to order a drink… But you’re reading it as one post. That probably makes no sense; what am I talking about. Anyway… back to it [after I order this drink])

  5. Lastly , it’s so okay to just work to live. I haven’t found something I want a ‘career’ in yet - and oh well. Being out here and seeing the work/life balance - I’m going make sure I take that home with me. People just travel around, work to have enough money and save but their day isn’t about work like it is at home. I just feel like seeing this has completely changed my perspective on it all. I’d never get myself into a situation again where work consumed me and my mental state. IT’S NOT WORHT IT. More money normally only means more extravagant lifestyles anyway - it doesn’t mean you save more. You actually just spend more. So honestly I’d rather get paid less in a job that doesn’t take over my entire life than have a job that ruins my mental health all for the sake of an OTT lifestyle. Obviously there are many exceptions to the rule in every sense but I just mean in general and as a whole.

Overall, I have learnt so much being here. My outlook on everything just feels so different. I have new and different goals - very exciting goals too. I have finally decided on where I want to settle and that is in England, in the Bristol/Bath area. It’s my favourite place on the planet and it feels so good to finally know that. I’ve travelled the travel bug out of me. Well, I still have a list as long as my arm of where I want to go but as I mentioned earlier, I want to do that over time. A couple of trips a year while having a permanent base at home. I’ve learnt so much about money and that I really don’t need much in life. I’m going to practise such a minimal lifestyle at home and I already have so many video ideas on this for my channel. And lastly, I’m learning to fully love the person I am and I’m so okay at the thought of being alone until I meet the person that fully knows my worth too.

Sorry it was such a long one - I guess I’ve learnt a lot haha. It’s also so nice documenting things like this too so I can look back on it all.

Speak to you soon,

Meg xx

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