3 hours 35 minutes into Sydney (help)

You know I love to document everything and you also know I love to be very open and honest - what the actual f**k am I doing???!

I haven’t had a wink of sleep, I’m sat in a scabby hostel by myself with 0 plan of what to do, the toilet smells of sick and has 0 toilet paper (plus wee ON THE SEAT), I can’t get into the room until 2 which means 0 nap time for Meg and also my suitcase is buried below a dozen others so I can’t get to any of my stuff - including chargers.

I did manage to have a shower and tried to take myself out for a little walk to remind me of where I actually am and to calm down but my god - it’s humid and busy, I was wearing flip flops so couldn’t walk fast and I was also chafing (cute). Basically, it was highly unpleasant and I didn't have a drop of energy to carry my body so I sat for a minute and then came right back to this wonderful hostel to kill four hours until I can get my bed. Love that!

Also just to clarify why I didn’t sleep a wink on the flight, it’s because a larger than life man was taking up half of my seat with his legs and arms and KEPT FARTING. I almost cried. Which would have put me in roughly the same mental state as the baby behind me. Not that I mind babies crying at all. It was the smelly man.

Enough with the negatives. I just wanted to log this to look back on and to share that this traveling malarkey isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I hope you continued that song in your head then xo

On the positive side of things, I had a lovely Uber driver that told me I had a wonderful personality and was very warm and friendly so would be right at home here. I then arrived to the hostel and a lovely French person cooked me eggs for breakfast - avec fromage et thé. So that was nice. I then also had four pancakes with peanut butter and jam for free and made friends with a group of boys who offered for me to go with them to a place just outside of Sydney. I politely declined, hence me being sat here writing this.

I’m sure I’ll be fine after a nap… Surely? I’m going to pop some comfy shoes on later and go for a walk once it’s cooled down as well. There’s a movie night with free popcorn here at the hostel so maybe I’ll meet people then.

I’m trying not to jump to any conclusions so early on but a large part of me kind of wishes to just hop on a flight home. Am I past this kind of thing from doing season? But I know that’s just the overwhelmed Meg coming out.

I’ll be fine though - I always find a way. I’m going to keep updating you, along with normal blog posts, so I hope you enjoy the raw stuff as much as I like writing it.

Edited ** I’m done.

Anyway, enough rambling from me - If you have made it this far then thank you!!

I’ll see you very soon,

Meg xx

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