My bucket list ideas

While I’ve been reflecting on the 11 months I’ve spent in the UK between coming home from France and now going to Australia - it got me thinking about if there was anything I did want to do before I up and leave again. I was actually asked this today by my friend which is what started this thought process. I mean in regards to that topic, all I really want to do is get a pizza from my fave pizza place here in Clevedon and go on one more good old night out with my friends as a send off. And luckily I’m doing both! What a wild person I am these days! Anyway, this then got me thinking about my bucket list so I thought I’d share it with you.

I would just like to say first of all that I feel bucket lists are ever changing and get added to as you go through life and have new experiences and set new goals etc. So, this is my bucket list up until now (I’m going to leave off the things I’ve already ticked off as I thought that would make for another cool post).

  1. Get a picture at the top of a hike Tasmania

  2. Ski in New Zealand

  3. Drink a hot apple cider in Salt Lake City

  4. Try Poutine in Vancouver

  5. Drink wine in a vineyard in California

  6. Go to New York at Christmas

  7. See Australia for my best friend and document it

  8. Go to Hawaii

  9. Go back to Paris

  10. Create videos of my life to keep

  11. Have my own business/work for myself and be successful with it

  12. Learn to play the piano

  13. Learn to speak French more fluently instead of conversationally

  14. See Sea turtles

  15. Write a book

  16. Stand under a waterfall in Bali

  17. Go in a hot air balloon (if you know me you’ll know I have a ver weird obsessed with the things)

  18. Marry James Arthur…

Ok so that last one was a joke. Kind of…

Here are the things that are on my current bucket list. I didn’t want to include things like fall in love, get married, buy a house, have children. Because I’m not in that part of my life yet. Right now I’m about travelling and doing fun things. That’s why I think bucket lists are so incredible to have and constantly update. Isn’t it crazy to think that one day I’ll look back at this blog post and I could have ticked all these things off?

I definitely think you should write one too. Maybe write one of your goals in the comment section so we can all get inspiration!

See you soon,

Meg xx