The Secret is out!!

Hey guys,

I wasn’t going to say anything until I was there but I can’t not so here we go - I’M GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!

I am so unbelievably excited and don’t really know where to start, but here goes…

Several months ago me and my ex boyfriend broke up (again) and I had a little momentary breakdown so decided I was going to join my friends on their travels around the world. I payed my deposit but shortly after realised I do not have £15,000 spare to actually be able to go. Cry. So I cancelled my part and went back to feeling a bit lost while hating my job and not knowing what to do with my life. Until around 2 months ago when the lady at STA Travel emailed me to ask if I definitely wanted to cancel or did I want to put the money towards something else. Which is when running away to the other side of the world popped into my head. This was on the Wednesday and by the Friday I was walking out of the store in the middle of Park Street in Bristol £950 lighter. Lol.

This will be my local beach!

This will be my local beach!

My working holiday visa was accepted literally the next morning, my flight info was in my inbox and it’s now just been a waiting game ever since.

I don’t have a lot of money to be able to travel around loads to begin with but I am staying with my family in Perth until the end of April in their little granny annex which could not be more perfect. I’m a little stroll away from the beach and the pool is just outside the front door of the annex so I can slip in whenever I fancy. I’m going to be taking my cameras, tripods and laptop with me so I can film the whole experience - which I’m so excited about!!

My plan after that is completely unknown. I might be there for a few weeks and decide I’m ready to come home and find some roots. Or, I could decide to fly across to Sydney or Melbourne (or anywhere) and get a full time job on a working visa and rent a room somewhere! I literally have 0 plans in place but that’s what is so exciting.

I am a little scared to leave everything behind here but I mean, I can’t keep living in the hope that the love of my life is going to sweep me off my feet and get down on one knee because, they would have done it by now… you know? Okay maybe not that extreme but they would have at least asked me on a date. So what am I waiting for? Time for a new adventure with new people. Time for sunshine and beaches and exploring new places. I won’t have a job for a while which means spending every day creating and filming and writing which is probably the part I am most excited about.

Even though it might be running away - at the same time - I have nothing here to run from. My friends are off traveling and at uni or even if they’re not they will always be my friend regardless of where in the world I may be. Same goes with my family. Other than that, I’m as free as a bird.

Here’s to new adventures, insane new content, Australia vlogs and blog posts and just a whole new chapter.

Cannot wait to share it with you all!!

Meg xx

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