Approx. 48 hours in

I feel I’m going a tad insane here so I thought I’d do another little blog entry to keep you up to date with my wonderful journey so far.


Secondly - the main item in the ‘travel essential’ department of airport stores are caps. In England I’m pretty sure that would be a guide to Brexit.

So - I left my house yesterday at 1:30pm and started the drive to Heathrow. It consisted of myself (obviously), my mum, dad and little brother. We had a car full of snacks and nerves but we were on our way. Side note, the nerves were purely from my mother at this point. We then took a little detour to Windsor and had a rather terrible cup of coffee and then a very lovely little walk around to stretch our legs. We also found a very cute cafe that was pink themed and just so pretty.


We then hopped back in the car and arrived at the airport at around 6. I had checked in online so just had to drop my bags off and then I was through! Well, bar security which Im very proud to say I was not beeped or stopped for the first time ever. I then just chilled in the airpot, watched Suits and ate food until it was time to board the plane.

The journey was in two parts - the 13 hour stint and the 5 hour stint. The 13 hour was phenomenal. I bagged myself extra leg room seats PLUS had the row to myself which meant I was able to get around 9 hours sleep. I mean, very broken sleep but still. I had blankets, pillows, two full meals, 3 glasses of red wine and even watched Shallow Hal and Ice Age. It was a dream - I’d highly recommend Malaysia Airlines.

I then had a one hour lay over in Kuala Lumpur and very luckily found a lady that knew what the hell to do that was also flying to Perth. We had to get a shuttle and all sorts and I mean, I would have been stressed if I hadn’t asked her for help. Anyway, on to the second flight.

The worst flight i’ve possibly ever been on. I mean the food was so good again (Malaysia Airlines food is a solid 10/10 - if I was served it in a restaurant I’d be a happy gal) but holyyy guac the turbulence. Not okay. I still had extra leg room and had a spare seat next to me and a lovely French girl in the seat after that. But it was just not a fun experience. It was freezing even with two pairs of socks and for those that know me, know the my feet do not ever get cold. But they were ice. The blankets we were given were teeny and paper thin. Plus they had seriously set the standards with the whole pillow thing so to not have one on this flight felt all kinds of wrong. Anyway, we got to Perth safe and sound despite the turbulence and scary landing (honestly phones and bags were flying all over the shop).

It was then super easy to get through security. Actually, there was none. I went through the electronic passport thing and I was away! I had to show my passport and little card I had to fill in on the flight to a man but I think he took one look at me and decided to not talk to me was the safest option. I looked an actual mess. I had my bloody bank statements and visa print out in hand ready to be interrogated. So I mean it was all very smooth sailing.

I then managed to find a taxi within a minute and arrived at the little guest house no problem! I got into the B&B by around 2:30am and got settled into bed by 3. To be awake until 5…

I knew jet lag was a thing but I did not realise just how much of a thing.

I was also so hungry and had to find my way to the kitchen of the B&B to find food haha. Luckily the breakfast stuff was out ready so I had some cereal and a yog. How weird.

I then tried to sleep but just couldn’t. I also got a heat rash - which was lovely. I then got so hungry again around 5 but I couldn’t go back in for more cereal. Anyway, I then managed to fall asleep (after figuring out the air con did in fact work when the lights turned off I just had to press the on button :) ) and woke up around 6:30. STARVING.

I then jus led there until 7 and grabbed breakfast. I tried Vegemite on toast. Um absolutely do not recommend… It was the consistency of Nutella, the colour of tar, as matte as a matte liquid lipstick comes and tasted ming. I still ate it though bc I was so flipping hungry.

I then left at 9:30am and am now writing this while being sat at a little coffee place in Perth airport. Just F.Y.I. Ubers are so much cheaper than taxis!! The taxi last night was 30 aud while the Uber was 9!


My coach to Busselton is at 1:50pm so at this point I have 3 hours to kill. All I can tell you about Australia so far is that it’s all so open and clean and warm and everyone is so lovely. Also, everyone is attractive. My coach will get me to Busselton at around 5:30 this evening and then It will be food and bed for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep.

So, that is all for this ramble. Thank you if you made it to the end of this haha.

There will be more entries like this because this is my fave - just to sit at the laptop and type whatever crap comes to mind.

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See you soon,

Meg xx