Tomorrow is the big day!!

Hey guys,

My emotions are a bit all over the shop so I felt like writing it all down to try and relax a little - and what better place to word vomit than here?

I’ve spent this last week getting things ready and buying the few bits I needed (and sorting out tax numbers and phone contractsetc etc). It’s been a pretty chilled week really but I just made too many plans and didn’t have enough time so I had to cancel a few things to get my shit done (sorry xxx). Today I have finally packed thank goodness and have my camera stuff on charge next to me and my airpot outfit put out ready to go. P.S. I am not one of the stylish airport people. I am a no makeup-up, comfy af outfit kind of gal. So please excuse that in my travel vlog - that’s if my stuff doesn’t get confiscated at the gates. Everyone has been telling me horror stories about the Australian borders so please wish me luck.

Apart from the pre-travel jitters and the sad fact that I won’t get to eat Pizza Magic for however many months, I actually don’t feel too anxious. I feel like it’s just so needed that I’m 98% excited and only 2% nerves. Which is great. I’m literally just dreaming about being on the beach listening to music and not having anything to worry about anything - bar thinking about when the last time was that I applied sun screen. Mmm I’m literally already picturing the sounds and the smell of salty sea air and sweat mixed with spf 50. Sexy.

I’m so glad to be leaving so much baggage behind and meeting new people and being able to share only what I want to share with them, you know? A fresh start and all that. My ex boyfriend won’t ever have to be a worry again - I officially won’t have to ever be called a horrible name by him ever again or worry about bumping into him in this tiny town and that thought alone makes me feel genuine relief. The pressure of finding a career can be left. The pressure of having my own house will be gone.

That last paragraph sounded like such a negative and I promise I’m not feeing as bad as that sounded. I’m actually feeling pretty happy right now. So a dash of sun and a spoonful of adventure and you’ve got yourself a very happy (go) Meg (I’m cringing too).

In other news - I have 4 YouTube vids edited and uploaded so yay to putting my channel live very soon! I’m absolutely shitting it to put it politely. But I suppose it’s more for me to document this adventure isn’t it so all is okay.

Anyway, that’s kind of everything in my brain right now. I still have a mini to-do list of printing my bank statement, printing my visa and sorting travel insurance. Because there’s nothing like leaving things to the last minute and all that. And then I’m going to run myself a bath, drop in a calming Lush bath bomb and lie in there watching Suits until I’m wrinkly af.

I’m actually really excited for the journey as well - I bagged myself extra leg room seats and I get to just watch films and read for 19 hours! Think of how many snacks I get to consume. I’ve also got some very snazzy in flight socks and four face masks in hope my skin doesn’t freak out and shrivel into nothingness.

Also, I feel like I swore in that one to many times so I’m very sorry about that.

I will speak to you once I have landed in Australia!! How cool is that!

Meg xx

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