Single girls (and boys) guide to Valentines day

Hello and welcome to the month of pancakes and Valentines day. I’m sure you’ll already be well aware of the big V day on it’s way due to the constant reminders everywhere you look. Even marmite have branded their glorious goods with the event; which only caused me to not buy it and opt for chocolate spread instead. However, I am absolutely buzzing for pancake day wow.

So, whether you’re newly single like myself or have been single as a Pringle for a while now - I’m sure we all get the same feeling in our stomachs every time we pop to the local shop to buy dinner for one and are welcomed in by an entire display of pink and red everything; aimed at the non-singles out there.

Our options are to a) stay at home and hibernate until the day is over or b) suck it up and thank our lucky stars we don’t have to share anything with anyone. Especially food. Or our bed.

Let’s go with option b.

Every time I walk past a love filled display and my wonderful mind tries to trick me into wanting to sob on the doorstep of my ex’s house until he wants to marry me - I remind myself why the relationship ended, why it’s better to be single than in a shitty relationship AND that I will feel a lot better once I get through this day unscathed. Which of course, we all will.

Instead of hibernating, me and my friends have arranged a few fun things. I’ve got my cousin/best friend coming to mine Thursday evening and we are going to eat pizza in bed and watch films together. Then on the weekend, we’re all going out for a few cocktails to remind us that actually, a couple of years completely on your own, doing our thing and making memories with friends is not as bad as wasting a couple of years with someone you’re only half in love with and know you’re only with because you’re (in the words of Dua Lipa) scared to be lonely.

By the way if you are reading this and you’re in a relationship, go you. Honestly everyone just has a different life path. Neither is right or wrong. As long as we’re all working on ourselves and being happy then that’s all that matters. A whole day dedicated to celebrating your love for each other (that isn’t as expensive or stressful as a wedding) it’s so great!

So for all of us working on ourselves and on our own little path, let’s use the day to celebrate that too. I might spend an hour in bed crying over some ice cream yes. But I also get to eat pizza with my friends and dress up in cute clothes and drink some nice cocktails.

I think, instead of being sour or sad or worried about it, let’s spend it being thankful for having our own path and the opportunity to spend time making ourselves happy without having to think of someone else right now. I mean after all, we get to jet off to new places and meet new people if we wanted to. We also get to eat a whole load of food in gross clothes knowing we haven’t shaved for a week and have literally no one there to judge us. What a sexy visual. Remind me why I’m single again?

Anyway - I’ve written a post on a list of things to do on and around Valentines day when you’re single so watch out for that tomorrow.

We’ve got this and it’s a day for us to celebrate what we do have in our life right now including friends and freedom and time to ourselves.

Speak soon,

Meg xx