Me and life were on a break

Hello, I’m back!

I just want to reference the fact that this post was actually a huge essay that I wrote when I was feeling really shit last week. But a few things have happened since then so I just wanted to share where my head was and where I am now.

Around this time last week I took a bit of a turn mentally and was completely over stressed at work. I decided to take a few days off work to try and figure out what was going on. After taking those few days, I feel like I’m feeling more myself than I have done in a while. I’ve been to a yoga class, I’ve done a load of baking, I’ve painted, made candles, watched great films, spent time with friends, read loads, played badminton with my brother, had a shoot for a valentines day look book (below is a still from a little video we took on the shoot), pre written a load of blog posts - I’ve done loads of great things that I really enjoy doing and I’m in a much better headspace because of it.

Kayleigh Gresty Photography

Kayleigh Gresty Photography

Sorry I was away from my blog and Instagram for so long. I just needed a break and to make a little business plan for the whole thing. I’m now full of creativity and ideas again which feels so good.

I think it’s so important to recognise when you’re being pushed to your maximum and just take a step back from everyday life. My routine was mundane and monotonous and stressful and it just got the best of me.

I’ve also come to realise that my biggest issue - that has played a role in almost every decision I’ve made in my life thus far - is my lack of self-worth. I now know it’s something I really need to work on so I’m sure I’ll be doing a little series on this soon.

Anyway - here’s to new posts, new pictures and new adventures! I cannot blood wait!

See you very soon,

Meg xx