February Favourites

I can’t believe how fast February went - what a strange month! Also, I just need to tell you that I’m sat writing this in a Hilton hotel that I’ve found as my fave writing spot; drinking the best coffee and eating some free croissants. I obviously come here too often haha.

I have also written a beauty version of my February favourites over in the Beauty section of the blog so this one is designated to fashion and lifestyle bits. I’ll stop talking and hop right into it:

  • Daffodils. Maybe a random one but I picked some up from Asda for £1 the other day and they opened in a few days and were so pretty and spring like. Just a tiny thing like this made me so happy to be in my room because they brightened things up a little. They’re also yellow which is the only motivation I need in life. I highly recommend you pick up a bunch from your local supermarket. I love them!

  • Baking. I am absolutely loving baking at the moment. I’ve never really been a baker and I still don’t necessarily find it relaxing per se but I like eating the good after. It’s also a little accomplishment and it fills the house with the most incredible, homely smells. I’m loving cookies because they’re super quick and easy but taste phenomenal. They’re just an easy thing to do with your spare time instead of scrolling on the Socials. Here’s the cookie recipe I use.

  • Spending time with my mother - Sezzy Simms. Again, maybe a random one but I’ve been spending a lot more time with my mum recently and I’ve been loving it. We went out for cocktails and food the other day, we went shopping, we’re going for a little gin tonight along hill Road (which is my fave road in Clevedon for drinks). I know maybe this is a normal thing to do but I’m the middle child of 5 so sometimes things are just too busy to get in some quality time.

  • Longshot - catfish and the bottle man. I have been obsessed with this song!! I literally have not stopped listening to it oh my lord. I’m pretty sure Alexa has even gotten sick of it haha. But I feel I’m going to be playing it on repeat for quite some time. It just gives me all the feels.

  • Dirty John. Okay so this was such a weird series but so worth a watch. I was absolutely hooked. It’s so weird that it is based on a real story - I mean, I am no stranger to a controlling relationship (one I’ll do a story time on one day) - but that is just something else. I really recommend if you’re looking for a new series.

  • Normal People by Sally Rooney. This is one of the greatest books I have read in a really long time. I read it in about 2.5 days because I just could not put it down. I just feel like it hits you in all the right places and is also a bit sexy too (sexy - I always use this word and it weirds my friends out). I seriously recommend! This is March’s book club book so keep an eye out for a longer description and the blurb in the next couple of days.

  • I also had to include a food fave because, well this is me. And that food fave is Marmite cheese. Call me crazy but wow, what an incredible invention. We all know marmite go together like PB&J but now there is 0 effort or sticky mess involved. Imagine melting some on a crumpet or just having it with a cracker. Wow.

Okay so now for some style faves:

  • Maxi skirt. I came across the cutest maxi skirt in Primark and picked it up despite me never wearing anything like it before. I think they look so cute but I just didn’t think I could pull it off. The one I got is baby blue with a white floral pattern and cute buttons down the front that then turn into a split down to the end. It’s so pretty and feminine and I just love it. I styled mine with a black fitted jumper that is quite fitted so I could tuck it under my bra to turn it into a bit of a crop, white trainers and my black bag I’m about to mention. It dressed it down and made it a bit cooler with the trainers and I loved it! I can tell I’m going to be getting a lot of wear out of it.

  • Claudia Canova bag. So I don’t really own many bags. In fact I kind of just use the one until it can no longer be used. Which is what led me to buy this one from ASOS. It was only around £25 down from £45 I want to say. And my goodness, the quality is phenomenal. It’s s classic and I can tell it’s going to last me forever. The brand actually followed me on Instagram after I’d purchased which means I can now see every bad they have and I love them all. You need to check them out if you’re in need of a new bag. Their’s an orange one with a really cool strap and I rly want it.

  • White crepe long sleeve top. Okay so my mum actually saw this in Primark and I loved it so much I picked one up myself. It’s in a crape material and is the most cosy and soft thing ever. I thought it would be so nice on a warm evening over a bikini top and shorts when it’s starting to cool down a little. I have also been wearing it tucked into my black skinnies with the black Claudia Canova bag and some black sandals. I can’t link it but here’s a pic and the product code so hopefully you can find it in store. I got mine in a large to be nice and cosy and it was around £8.

  • Quay Australia sunglasses. I picked myself up a pair of all black, round Quay Australia sunglasses from Topshop a few days ago and I have been wearing them non stop. They were £45 which a little more pricy than your Topshop own brand or something you can pick up from Primark, but the quality is insane and they actually do protect your eyes from the sun. Which is essential when you’re popping off to a hot country. I love round glasses and they just look super cool and sleek because they’re all black. I can tell I’m going to get a lot of use out of these!

So - those are all my faves from the month of February. Hopefully it may have given you a bit of inspiration for a few new pieces coming into spring, especially with the weather warming up already.

Let me know your favourites from the Month over on my Instagram! Also, make sure you are following me because I have a little give away for when I hit 500.

See you very soon,

Meg xx

P.S. did anyone actually know that blog stands for weblog (web-log)?!

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