Five hobby ideas

Hi guys, welcome back to the blog!

I wanted to talk a little bit about hobbies as I just feel like they bring a little more meaning to my day and make me feel happy and accomplished… So hopefully they do that for you too!

Here are a few of my favourite hobbies:

  • Candle making. This is such a therapeutic one and one that is rather practical for birthday and Christmas presents. You could even sell these to make a few bucks out of something you love to do - win win. All of the items you’ll need are so easily assessable on places like Amazon and general craft stores. You can use different colours and different scents and cute little jars. The world is your oyster when it comes to the creation which is why it’s such a good one. There are quite a few YouTube vids and blog posts on how to do this too so getting started is easy. Pinterest is also a great place for candle inspo.

  • Baking. Ahhh my new found love. I am absolutely obsessed with baking at the moment. I don’t necessarily find it relaxing per se but I do love the finished product. although maybe that’s because we have a busy house and people are always in the kitchen so I feel a bit bad taking it up. I can only imagine how much baking I’m going to be doing when I have my own place. I have a few recipes on my blog so definitely take a peek at those. I love that baking doesn’t always have to be unhealthy either - there’s no much variety which is what makes it such a great one!

  • Yoga. This is such great hobby. I do this at home normally but I recently went to a local class and I bloody loved it. I used to think yoga classes would involve scary yoga pros that could bend their bodies in half while reciting the benefits of aloe vera but that was absolutely not the case. They were all normal people! And so lovely and friendly and the room smelled like essential oils. I’d highly highly recommend. Even if you don’t fancy the class - taking 10 or 20 minutes out of your day and finding a video to follow on YouTube can be just as relaxing. Tidy up a little corner of the house, treat yourself to a snazzy yoga mat and bobs your uncle!

  • Badminton. I rented a local badminton court with my little brother the other week for around £7 for the hour including racket hire and it was the best fun I have had in such a long time. I loved it!! It’s something I would absolutely do all the time if I was going to be home for longer (do Australians play badminton?). It was just so funny and seeing Oscar get involved was so great. There were two men next to us that clearly did come weekly and were so good but there was 0 judgment at how bad we were. Not the we were bad, just up and coming…

  • Photography. My absolute favourite hobby of all time. Minus the blog of course. It’s also completely free once you have invested in the camera which means you can constantly go for walks and take cute landscape/nature pictures, or take pictures of family and friends, or animals, or products or just anything you could possibly want to take pictures of. I love learning about photography via YouTube as well. You can buy good old photography magazines which are always cool or even go on a photography course! Could I possibly say photography one more time? This one just makes me so happy and I do some form of photo creation at least one every few days because of Happy go Meg so yes, I would absolutely highly recommend.

So there are my five hobby ideas. Hobbies don’t have to be expensive and they shouldn't feel like effort or a burden - I just like to dabble in a few things until I find something I love. I really want to try climbing soon too. But even things like running or pottery classes or going to the cinema are hobbies. Just gotta find what you loveI suppose.

I hope this maybe gave you some inspiration!

See you soon,

Meg xx