Let's talk about new year resolutions

It’s currently the 6th of January 2019 and this year I’ve decided to go about things slightly differently. Instead of the usual resolutions consisting of eating better, exercising more and spending less. I’ve decided on a few, more useful, resolutions. When I say useful, I mean useful for me as I know I could never stick to one of those resolutions for longer than a day. As soon as I see pizza, that’s two of the three resolutions out the window. And the exercise one too I suppose as who’s going to hop off the sofa and run a 10k after an entire, large Dominos pizza? Not me.

I’d just like to mention before I begin that I’m currently sat in Pret with a peppermint tea (so very far from my usual sugary, caffeinated option) watching the dozens of people practically running past on their lunch break. I can already tell this was a very bad idea as I can’t stop people watching.

This year I have decided to set myself realistic resolutions. Here they are:

  1. Slow the f*** down. For the past 10 months I’d say, I have been putting pressure on myself to do more. To be more I suppose you could say. And instead of doing those things I’ve just been giving myself stress. Every day that I don’t accomplish something on that list, I go to bed feeling completely let down by myself. So I’ve decided to just not. Yes I want to learn French and yes I want to learn to play the piano, but realistically - that just doesn’t fit into my life right now. I’m focusing on moving and blogging and that’s all I’ve really got time for. New Years day, for example, I read an entire book. Without feeling guilty. Because I took the pressure away, I ended up blitzing my room. Cleaning out draws and old clothes, between the reading. I’d never have done that if it was lost in amongst a million other jobs on an unrealistic to-do list. I then went on to go for an hours walk and 25 minutes of pilates! I even cooked a healthy tea. So, by taking all the pressure off - turns out I actually did more. What kind of strange logic is that?

  2. Drink more water. Not just drink more but 2.25 litres to be exact. I have a 750ml bottle and I’m going to drink three of them per day. Sounds easy enough but I really am rubbish at staying on top of this. I forget just how much better being hydrated makes me feel. Dry skin? drink water. Low on energy? Drink water. Dating a total idiot? Dump him, then drink water. It really does the world of good.

  3. Stop feeling guilty. I am the worst for doing this. I feel guilty for everything. Similarly to point one I suppose but if I haven’t text someone that day to ask how they are, I feel awful. If I didn’t do that extra thing at work. If I didn’t eat well. Complete my to do list. See my friends all week. Speak to my mum enough that day. If I spent more money than I should have. If I didn’t make someone else feel better instead of putting myself first. My god, basically just everything. I’m in like a constant state of guilt. I think we all are. We all feel we could be doing more. But I’m just not doing it anymore. I’m not exactly sure how to stop this but I’ll figure it out.

  4. Save more. I’ve actually been saving more the past few months and god, it feels so good to have the financial freedom to make changes. I’m going to be upping and leaving my little home town and starting completely afresh. I could never have done that a few months ago. So I want to continue this and end 2019 with a very healthy looking savings account. I mean, I will absolutely be having some mini breaks, plus I’m going to New York (eeek) but I mean small changes like saving the £7 a day I’d spend on lunch every day. That’s £140 a month if you count working days which equates to £1,680 a year. Starbucks, I love you but it’s time for me to let you go.

  5. Get outside more. A 20 minute walk a day or even just setting somewhere reading. Weather permitted of course. There’s not too much to say about this one but I just spend so much time inside that it can’t be good for anyone.

  6. Start to feel worthy again. I’ve been knocked down a fair bit this year so this one is a little bit of a struggle. But I suppose that’s why it’s a resolution. Something to work towards.

  7. The last real resolution I have is to work my butt off on Happy Go Meg. To be creative, motivated and open. I want to write posts that are relatable and real. But I also want to focus a lot more on the beauty side of things as I love everything to do with it. I want to create a schedule instead of uploading sporadically (Clueless will always come to mind when I say that). I have been writing a lot in December but I want to create a schedule so it’s easier to plan and so people know what to expect. My last point with this is that I want to write a book. A good old fashioned rom-com.

So those are my resolutions. Seven may seem a bit extreme but I feel they are all pretty relevant and achievable. I suppose not necessarily measurable but I’m basically just telling myself to chill out, drink more water and stop being lazy. That would have been a much shorter post.

Anyway - this post has taken me almost an hour because I kept stoping to watch these rather busy people rushing past with an array of different consumable goods.

Let me know your resolutions on my latest instagram post!

See you soon,

Meg xx