Thirty Facts about me

I have officially been blogging for six months and have hit 500 followers on Instagram! So, I thought I would write thirty facts about me as I feel like I went straight in with some semi-heavy topics, without actually giving you any idea of who I am! I love reading these about other people because frankly - I’m nosy.

P.S. I’m writing this from a little bar thing in Australia and it’s so cool in here - I’m even drinking beer.

Photo by: @Hunchco

Photo by: @Hunchco

So here are a few facts about me: 

  1. I am 5ft 3 (and a quarter)

  2. My birthday is the day before halloween and I used to always have halloween themed parties

  3. I have lived in three countries and am now living in Australia

  4. I was a Resort Rep in ski resorts for two seasons and a Holiday Rep in Ibiza for 1 season

  5. Probably not shocking news after that last fact but I can ski quite well

  6. I can speak a little French

  7. I am allergic to prawns (but I sometimes eat them anyway and my lips swell)

  8. I love to eat. My family used to call me a dustbin

  9. I hate cream. Literally all cream.

  10. I didn't go to university

  11. I have weirdly long legs for how short I am - which means I have a short torso. Clothes are a struggle for me

  12. I can do the alphabet backwards

  13. I have green eyes but they often change colour depending on my mood and the weather

  14. I used to play the flute and played The Phantom of the Opera in a choir

  15. My nickname is Moo (not because I’m a cow thank u hun)

  16. I used to hate gin until I lived in Courchevel and it was only €9 for a bottle so I didn’t have a choice (1 pint of beer was normally €9) so I actually trained myself to like it

  17. I hate strawberry and banana flavoured things but I love strawberries and bananas

  18. I am the middle child of 5

  19. I have 4 tattoos

  20. I auditioned for BBCs remake of James and the Giant peach when I was around 9 but chickened out when I had to sing in front of people

  21. I never thought I was creative until I started this and now my brain is evolving into a big mashup of creativity and ideas

  22. I used to weigh three stone more than I do now

  23. I love acting and always wanted to do it as a career when I was growing up - natural drama queen

  24. I have a very dry sense of humour if you hadn’t guessed already

  25. I have the biggest heart ever and love my family and friends so deeply I often cry with gratitude

  26. I cannot dance at all - think dad dancing mixed with two left feet

  27. I used to do ballet, tap, character dancing, hiphop, freestyle, jazz, ballroom and line dancing. I went to London to perform and event went to a few competitions but once I hit the age of 12 - any talent went out of the window. hence the previous fact

  28. I am actually quite intellectual and used to study biology and medicine in my own time

  29. I’m very good at parking


Photo by: @Hunchco

Photo by: @Hunchco

So, there we have it! I hope you got to know me a little better and got an insight into who I am!

Also - how cool are these pictures!! These were from my shoot with @Hunchco. I had so much fun x

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me. I’d like to know the weirdest fact about you so either leave a comment or message me over on Instagram!

See you soon,

Meg xx

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