Photo album - Courchevel

Courchevel is every bit as magical as you may have heard (and every bit as expensive). I did my second ski season here and got back just a few months ago. Those five months living up in the mountains consisted of skiing, eating, relaxing, making new friends, exploring and working (a little bit anyway).

I lived in an amazing apartment which was very different to the little cupboard I lived in on my first season. I got so much better at skiing this year and a lot better at speaking French too! My friend, Daisy, came out to visit me which was so nice - a season can put you into a little bit of a bubble - so having a piece of home is the best thing ever. I got to Facetime my (then) boyfriend and family every day which made me feel grateful for the chapter of my life I was in. I went parapenting over the mountains on one of the sunniest days of the season, I went snowmobiling at night time, I danced on tables at Folie Douce, I drank my body weight in beer and cocktails, ate so many burgers and pizzas and basically, just had a great five months!!

I’ll be writing more posts all about my seasons but for now, I hope you enjoy the pictures…

camera 726.JPG
unnamed (2).jpg
camera 830.JPG
camera 767.JPG

I still can’t believe I’ve had the chance to live here and make so many memories.

I hope you enjoyed this little photo album - there will be plenty more to come.

Meg xx