Introduction to Lifestyle

Hello and welcome to the Lifestyle area of Happy Go Meg!

When I first started to create my blog - I thought it would be made up of four parts - Travel / Food / Beauty and Lifestyle. However, as of Today (literally 4 days before it goes live), I’ve decided that I would bundle Travel, Food and all things Lifestyle into one. It basically means I can write about everything and shove it all in one place.

I want this to be a little space where we can talk about subjects that aren’t always spoken about - such as; grief, life pressures, the fact I chose not to go to Uni, experience vs savings etc. However, I also want to include nice things, both for me to look back on and to share with you, such as personal ‘journal’ entries and photo albums from holidays and memorable moments... as well as the occasional ootd. I’m going to just write about anything that comes to mind! I’m also going to do monthly posts such as monthly favourites, must-haves and also, a monthly book club!

Now that Food and Travel are also incorporated - I’m going to be writing about the three seasons I’ve done (two in the Alps and one in Ibiza), the places I’ve visited in the last couple of years, I’ll be updating you with my travelling plans and also taking you on the little trips I have until then. In regards to food… well, you’ll soon learn that I love food. I have so many ideas for blog posts revolved around the edible stuff - It’s also a great excuse for me to have to eat more.

In summary, this is where I’ll be writing everything that isn’t beauty related!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it…

Meg xx