Goals for December

I can already feel the festive cheer, smell the mulled wine from every direction and feel like I have put on around 4 pounds in weight due to my brain believing it’s ok to eat and drink everything due the fact ‘it’s Christmas’.

Well - it’s not quite Christmas however it is December (which is basically the same thing) so I thought I’d create a few goals for the month and share them with you.

  • My blog. So my number one goal for this month is to put every spare second I have into Happy Go Meg. I’ve been prepping for a new job role so haven’t had any time to create but I’m making this my priority as it makes me rather happy. I hope you enjoy the content I create this month - let me know over on my Instagram (@happygomeg) anything that you’d like to see.

  • To be a bit more active/healthy. I’ve fallen into a little sticky area as far as my health is concerned. I’ve been so busy that I’ve been eating on the go for around a month now so I need to make a little more time to prepare healthier foods! I also need to take twenty minutes out of my day to do some yoga or to go for a run. I guess it’s all about forming habits. Maybe December is the wrong time to try and start a health kick but maybe that’s all the more reason to try!

  • Work on myself. I’ve actually been kind of on a down about my appearance recently. My skin is awful and my hair seriously needs a makeover. I suppose these are kind of easy to overcome so that’s my mission for December.

  • My last goal is to learn more. I’ve actually been spending so much time learning video editing tips and tricks, cinematography, picture editing etc. Basically creative software and I’m loving it. YouTube really does have it all. I’ve also been learning to read music again as I used to be able to and it’s definitely coming back to me! I'm going to continue making time to learn as it gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment.

So there we have it! My goals for December. It may not be a lot and they may not be complex goals but there’s no point biting off more than you can chew else you’re just setting yourself up to fail - and no one wants that!

Maybe take out five minutes if you can and make some December goals too - so we can be in it together.

Speak to you later,

Meg xx

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