A few things you can do to help with Christmas bloat

It’s the 28th of December, you’ve consumed approximately three million calories and you’re feeling a bit puffy and gross… Or at least I am.

It’s perfectly normal to put on a few lbs over the festive period however it still makes us feel pretty shitty.

I have come up with a few tips on how to feel a little more comfortable before we have to put on our best clothes for the new year celebrations. That gives us three days…

  • Drink water. I know this sounds like an obvious one but when I say drink water, I mean drink a lot of water. We should be drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water daily - and no coffee does not count towards this (cry). Coffee actually dehydrates you, along with tea and especially those gin & tonics that were consumed by the masses. I’m also not talking about diet fizzy drinks or orange juice. But just real water. It may be boring but you’re here to feel a bit better and this will absolutely help! Maybe even pop a few slices of lemon in there for flavour and to help detox a little. You skin and internal organs will thank you. You’re dull headache will lessen and your dry lips will go back to normal.

  • Eat greens (and fruit). You probably still have a shed load of meats left over so whip up some fresh veggies to have with it for tea (or dinner if you’re not from Bristol). You can still enjoy those festive pickled onions on the side and some cheese and crackers. But just don’t go OTT on the fried goods, sugar, salt or any other heavily processed items. Also try to snack on some carrots and hummus or seasonal Satsumas as a snack as opposed to pigs in blanket flavour crisps or left over chocolate orange. Although the latter is great too, just in moderation as opposed to the entire thing.

  • Go for a walk once a day for these three days. Instead of laying on the sofa or in bed scrolling through Instagram. Or watching what Zoe Sugg got for Christmas on YouTube (I really hope she does make one of those vids though) get your trainers on a go for a walk. Be in just 10 minutes away from your house and 10 minutes back, it’s still getting the blood pumping around your body and will give you those lovely endorphins. Aim for 30 minutes per day but if that’s just not feasible, do what you can!

  • Make sure you still eat. I know the thought could be to just not eat much in the next few days to ‘lose’ the weight. But you need to eat. You need to keep your metabolism in good working order. You’ve probably just eaten enough to feed a small family so you can’t just not eat - it will throw your body completely out of whack. Ensure you’re getting your three meals with healthy snacks. Maybe even have an orange or kiwi before bed. There are a few studies to show this can actually help improve your metabolism. And even if that's complete bullshit - they are full of vitamin C which is great for you anyway.

  • Don’t obsess over the scales. Most of what you’ve put on is purely water weight and will vamoose after a week or two of your normal lifestyle. So just ignore the scales. Go by how you feel - the above tips will help you feel a touch more yourself in the short space of time before new years.

  • Stop feeling guilty. The main thing you can do mentally to feel better is to let go of both the guilt and the mentality to ‘detox’ or ‘start eating healthy on the 1st of Jan’. At the end of the day, this is 1 week of your entire life. Another week of doing the above and you’ll feel back to normal. I know it’s tricky and it’s something I struggle with but just stop being in that mindset. Yes you can eat better from the 1st but it should still be balanced. Which includes treats. Never restrict yourself because it just doesn’t work. Contrary to popular belief, diets do not work. Just eat in moderation. Here’s a personal fact about me. I’ve lost over three stone (crazy to think) in the past couple of years by just eating normally. I’ll talk about that in another post though.

By the 31st, after three days of water, greens, fruit and walking, you’ll feel less puffy and more yourself. So maybe use the last day of the year to have a little pamper. Exfoliate your body, wash your hair, moisturise, do your nails how you like them, add that glow to your face by massaging on some face oil, maybe even fake tan to give you a boost and then put on your favourite outfit.

Even if you don’t do any of the above (I’m having pizza for tea tonight [shock])- you’re still going to look amazing. The good thing to know is that any puffiness is probably not even noticeable to anyone but yourself. Our own worst critics and all that. These tips are purely to feel better if you’re feeling anything like I do.

See you very soon,

Meg xx