Last minute gift ideas

So -  there are officially 7 days until Christmas. It would be great if we were 100% organised but for some of us, that’s just not the case. I tend to leave Christmas shopping until the very last minute and I really don’t know why as I just get stressed… Every year.

So, to help you out a little bit, I’ve come up with a few ideas of what to get last minute to either bulk out a stocking, bulk out a main present or even as the main present.

  1. In car phone magnet. This may seem kind of random but it is truly the most handy little thing to have - it’s just one of those things you never think to buy yourself. It’s basically a magnet that you put in your car along with another little magnet in your phone case and voila, you phone is in now in eye sight which is perfect for when you’re using it as a Sat Nav! Here’s the link to one similar to mine. Goodbye balancing it on your lap as you’re driving (I don’t recommend, it can be very dangerous).

  2. Cool chocolate . Now, you might be wondering what on earth I’m on about, but I was in Harvey Nichols the other day and found their array of incredibly packaged chocolate. Here’s in the link so ones I bought. Although Harvey Nichols don’t have many options on their website so here’s the link to the Creighton’s chocolate website. They do vegan choc too! I actually bought a few for family members such as; cereal milk chocolate, bacon milk chocolate(?!!), peanut butter flavour, champagne and popping candy and a couple more along those lines. I thought they were the perfect little thing to wrap up alongside their main present. Although I have eaten the peanut butter one already…

  3. Tickets to something. Buying the perfect present that someone can open and enjoy on Christmas day is great but a ticket to something is even more exciting. I’ve bought my mum and nan (and myself lol) a ticket to something next year and I already can’t wait. You’re buying them an experience, a memory I suppose. You could get tickets to anything'; a musical, sing-a-long, stand-up comedy, an event, a day out, a spa break, a concert/gig - there are so many options!

  4. Jewellery holder. This is a cute thing that again, you don’t particularly think to buy yourself. Well not if you’re me anyway. My jewellery is bunged in a draw and I just hope for the best each time I go in there to pick something out. I was recently looking for one as a gift to my… just kidding, I’m not saying bc they read this. However here are a few of my favourites that I came across. Gold Stand. Ring holder. Gold + marble.

  5. Blankets/blanket holder. Everyone wants a big present to open on Christmas day. We just do. And as an adult, what could we appreciate more than a cosy blanket to snuggle into after work with a glass of wine in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other (or a cuddle with your other half of course but I’m referencing us single ladies [and men]). There’s such a broad variety of  blankets on the markets so here are a few to help narrow your search a little. The other option to the blanket itself is a blanket holder. I came across the cutest basket style ones on ASOS so I’ll link them here. It’s another one of those items that you probably just wouldn’t buy yourself - regardless of how Instagram worthy they are.

  6. Books. Books are honestly my favourite things in the world. I read all the time so I can never have enough books. Amazon is your friend for this however we are getting a little close to guarantee delivery in time. But high street versions such as WHSmiths and Waterstones are just as great - maybe you even have some independent books shops near you!

  7. Lush products. Everyone loves a long, relaxing bath… Unless you’re me and you just get hot and flustered. But fear not, Lush sells so many different products that don’t necessarily need to be bath products. Some of my favourites from Lush are; the Snowfairy body wash that I think is limited addition for Christmas, their fresh face masks (specifically the Cosmetic Warrior), Tea Tree water and their dream cream moisturiser. Basically, they have a whole array of things to choose from and all of them would be very happily received!

  8. Bags. I’m not really a bag gal if I’m honest. I am in the sense of using a bag daily and wanting it to be on trend (I feel like my mum when I say that - hey sezzy) but I’m just such a stinge when it comes to buying them constantly. I just repurchase when mine’s looking a little tired. So - a bad or Christmas is the perfect solution. I get my new bag, just without having to buy one myself! I really love this one from Mango - plus it’s £20!

  9. Water bottle. I mentioned this in my recent post on how to use less plastic this Christmas but I just wanted to briefly mention again as they really are a great present. There are so many great reusable water bottles around but I really like swell or the different coloured ones I found in Harvey Nichols. The links for these are in my other post!

  10. A mug. Such a simple yet highly appreciated present. I don’t need to say too much on this but just that you can go personal, funny, pretty, unique or even personalised with you mug choice. You can get the latter two from sites such as Etsy.

  11. A gadget. By gadget I mean a glitter lamp, lava lamp or any other cool thing that is a nice addition to a room. Amazon again is a great place for this. Plus there are specific gadget shops in places like the Mall cribs Causeway and cabot circus. There are even wireless chargers o the market these days!

  12. Vouchers - if you’re really snuggling for something - you can buy endless vouchers at your local supermarket. ASOS is always a great one as they have everything you could ever possibly needed. Amazon is also great for the same reason! You can even get cinema vouchers; which mean you’re buying a great evening out and another memory to add to the box.

  13. Alcohol. The perfect present. Gin is such currently a huge phenomenon and you can get it in almost every flavour imaginable. Aldi currently have a rhubarb and ginger flavour which is amazing. Waitrose also sell and Christmas pudding flavour! Another delicious cocktail I came across recently was a Martini and tonic. As the name suggests, just swap the Gin for martini and you’ve got yourself a new fave (ok I would’t go that far but it is nice).

I had to include a picture from a shoot I did!! See more pictures over on my Instagram @happygomeg

I had to include a picture from a shoot I did!! See more pictures over on my Instagram @happygomeg

I hope you might have just come across a few ideas that may have helped your unorganised brain get sorted for the big day.

I’ll see you next time,

Meg xx