Doing things alone


I just wanted to touch on this topic as; 1) it’s something that really got to me a few months ago and 2) is even more important in this season of couples and love, but now I’m ‘Miss Independent’ (thanks Ne-Yo) so I thought I’d share my little story with you.

I used to be so worried about doing things by myself - or I just wouldn’t think to do things by myself. I’ve recently (as of the past couple of months) come to realise that it’s actually really ok to go shopping alone, or go for a coffee alone, or go for a walk by yourself, or explore a new place by yourself.

I’m actually currently sat in Costa writing this, with a hazelnut hot chocolate and nothing in the seat in front of me besides my Boots bag full of new makeup (oops). 

I’ve recently become one of those annoying people that always want to be doing things. I think because I’m so busy in the week that when I get to the weekend, I can’t particularly slow down. I also think it’s because I’ve come to realise that you just have to make the most out of your time - so if I want to go to a beer garden in Bristol - I’ll go alone. I’ll just take a book or my laptop with me so I can pretend I’m not just people watching. Which I am. 

I suppose that’s where the topic of my last post comes in. Having a life companion. One day I’m sure I’ll find someone to drag round Clifton village every weekend with me, or to sit in different coffee shops to people watch, or to drive 20 minutes just to look at Christmas lights. But for now, I’ve got my own company (and the best friends ever that I drag on these little outings where possible).

Now, the main issue was that I used to think people would look at me like a bit of a twat (Excusez mon français) and judge me for doing these things alone. But they really don’t. And even if they do - that’s their prerogative (that word reminds me of that Britney Spears song). My uncle actually goes to the cinema alone if there’s a great film he wants to see but no one else does! I think it’s kind of empowering taking yourself on little dates. Thanks for the inspo Uncle Rich!

So - the next time you finish work and fancy a G&T or a pint… go to the cutest beer garden around and take a book. Next time you want to go shopping in Bath but no one else wants to - hop on the train by yourself. You’ll feel so content and accomplished. Plus - it means you get to go in all the shops you want to and you won’t feel like a burden if you take 20 minutes trying clothes on. Plus, you even get to grab lunch from the place you want to (side note, my favourite thing for lunch at the moment is the ham and gherkin baguette from Pret… how gross is that haha).

So what I’m trying to say in this random little blog entry is that you don’t need to miss out on anything you want to do just because you don’t have someone to go with you.

See you soon,

Meg xx