October favourites

I’m currently sat at my desk with all my fairy lights glittering around me and warm scented candles burning in the background giving off a relaxing glow; so I thought now was the perfect time to have a little chat about everything I’ve been loving over the last month - both beauty and lifestyle items. Here’s a picture so you know what I’m talking about…


I recently got a new foundation from Clarins and wow. it creates a hydrated, glowing base with bailable coverage which just leaves your skin looking healthy and natural but with 0 imperfections. I put a small amount over my skin so my freckles still show but apply more there I have a few (a lot of..) breakouts. I got this from Boots and I’m in the shade 110 honey.

Next up are the two products from nip + Fab. I’ve been using the Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow exfoliator and the Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum religiously and they are incredible products. My skin is looking so hydrated and clear (apart from the breakouts on my chin but that’s always been an issue this time of year).

Talking of skin care - I’ve been absolutely obsessed with The Ordinary recently. It’s basically a super affordable brand available online - I got mine from ASOS. I’ve been using their Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen is much better for you skin and it’s very thick (but doesn’t leave a white cast) so it’s definitely protecting. 70% of wrinkles are due to sun damage so SPF is a must! I’ve also been trying out their Retinol 1% and I have to say - I’m really enjoying the product. It leaves your skin looking so dewy when you apply it (it’s kind of a shame you use it before bed) and I can truly see a difference in my skin from the past 8 or so weeks of using it. My skin goes very red and the skin around my eyes did start to peel to begin with but that’s normal and it’s just your skin getting used to the product.

Fake Tan!! I am absolutely not a fake tan gal let me tell you. I do not have the patience to continuously apply it and then scrub it off after a few days only to re apply it. Along with the smell and the fact it turns your bedsheets orange. BUT I have to say - I’ve used the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in ‘Dark’ a few times this month - which is a few times more than I usually ever would and I actually really loved it. The colour is so perfect and natural, it’s easily bendable, once you wash off the top layer it actually doesn’t smell bad at all and it fades really evenly. I’ve even re-purchased which is a huge thing for me. I have to say - I really am loving it.

Eyelash curlers… I promise this is not a step in your routine that should be missed. I’ve been doing this daily and it’s actually magical. I didn’t even feel the need for mascara today! Curling them makes your lashes look so much fuller and longer. You can pick one of these up from Boots or Superdrug for literally a couple of pounds!

The camel scarf. I have not stopped wearing it since I got it let me tell you. It goes with everything, you can wrap your hands in it to keep them warm, you can use it as a little blanket on your commute to work, wrap it around your shoulders if you’re feeling a bit nippy, it dresses up a simple outfit and it just screams sophistication. Mine was £15.99 from ASOS and I’m not actually sure how I’d live without it. Here’s the link to mine.

Gucci inspired belts are everywhere right now and I’m obsessed. It adds a little something something to any outfit - casual or dressy. They are sold in pretty much every shop and they are a need this season. Mine was £12 from ASOS (I have an addiction to ASOS okay). My exact one is currently out of stock but I’ll link it here incase it comes back in.

When I say I've been loving candles; that is a huge understatement. I went through the one in the picture in literally two weeks. It was from TKMaxx and is called Farmers Market. They had quite a few of them in the store I got it from and Zoe Sugg bought the same one from her local store (yes I secretly fan girled when I saw we have the same candle). So basically, you need this candle. I’ve recently bought a new one from Waitrose that I have to say might be even better… I took a picture of it on my Instagram here.

The second to last thing I have to mention is the series ‘The Cry’. I am reaaally not very good at finishing series however this one is only four episodes long which is perfect. The plot was so compelling and was full of unexpected twists. Your heart is definitely in it when you’re watching and the ending is great. They also cast it really well and the woman has the nicest nose I think I’ve ever seen. It’s on BBC Iplayer so definitely check it out!

My last favourite of October is the ‘I Heart’ series by Lindsey Kelk. They are truly the best books ever and you will hear me talk about them a million and three times. She is hilarious and you truly get so invested in the characters and the story. You can find all the books on Amazon for literally a few pounds each. Lindsey (first name basis now) followed me on Instagram a few weeks ago and it truly was a great life achievement…

Lastly I just have to give a shout out to Lindt chocolate. I got a huge box of these for my birthday and I’ve fallen in love with them. They are officially a food group in my diet I’ve eaten that many.

So that is all for my favourites - thank you for making it to the end. If you’ve tried, worn, watched or read any of the things I’ve mentioned then let me know!! What were you favourites of the month?

See you soon,

Meg xx

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