How I get organised and keep track

When I say I’m not a naturally organised person - that is the biggest understatement ever. I truly have to work so hard to be organised. The weird thing is - I actually hate being un-organised as it makes me feel anxious and stressed. So why it’s hard for me to actually be organised is beyond me. I always know when my brain is getting too full as I start doing things like; forgetting where I’ve put things and forgetting what I’m saying mid-sentence. Basically, it’s just not fun so I have to keep on top of things else I’ll turn into a forgetful mess.

So - I use two main resources for self-organisation. I use both a notepad and a planner.



I use this in case anything pops into my head throughout the day. Literally anything. From remembering I need to get more cotton rounds after work to remembering to book my car in for an MOT. Things constantly come to mind and if I don’t write them down - they’re gone. Even events I might see on Facebook that I’m interested in to remind me to add it to my planner (i’ll talk about that later). Birthdays and general events are also great ones to write down as and when you think of them. I mean, you could definitely just type these into your phone but I am old fashioned and loving using pen and paper - I find it rather cathartic.

I then go through anything I’ve written down during the day and make sense of it. I do this in the evening and it only takes a few minutes. I make a to-do list and write little reminders on my phone from the notes I make.

I do this so my brain doesn’t get clogged up with random stuff. The emptier your brain with mundane tasks the better you feel - and the more energy you have to think of better things. Sometimes just sitting down in a clean room with a pen and piece of paper and just writing every single thing that comes to mind is the best way to completely de-stress.

I carry mine around with me daily - pocket sized notepads are very handy (and a great Christmas present).



Keeping a diary is truly the best thing ever. Mine has a month overview so I can write the main things in there, meaning I am able to reference back to it easily. It then breaks down into days of the week, weekends and has a section for Priorities and To-Do lists. It’s just great and cost me around €15 from Stradivarius in Ibiza old town. However, I know you can’t hop on a plane to find it so I’ve linked a similar one here. Amazon does some great ones too!

I will sit and plan my month ahead with things like big events (birthdays etc.) as well as things I’d like to go to so it reminds me to plan things, work things, blog post upload schedules and anything else I can possibly think of. I then use the weekly planner to go into more detail and to add things that come to mind throughout the week. I love the To-Do list and Priorities part as it’s easy to see and keep track of everything. It’s also a great way to differentiate between the two as I often feel like I have too many things to comprehend. But having to sit and actually write To-Do’s and Priorities is just so great.


So - I hope this has maybe given you a bit of motivation to whack out a notebook and start planning a few things or even just taking five to clear your head a little.

Send me pictures on Instagram of your planners/other ways you get organised!

Happy Sunday,

Meg xx