In case you didn't know about klarna

So - just a little bit of an FYI - there is a payment option on brands such as ASOS called klarna. It’s a ‘buy now pay later’ option but it means you don’t have to pay for anything unless you're keeping it!!

You basically just choose that payment option at the checkout and it puts it onto an account for you. You then choose the stuff you’re keeping once delivered and anything you return gets taken off your statement. You then have a year to pay off your account (however I definitely advise to pay this off immediately).

But it’s just a great option for if you’re needing to buy things in a million different sizes and don’t want to spend however many hundreds of pounds, knowing you’re only keeping one item!

I highly recommend… let me know if you use it too!

See you soon,

Meg xx

Megan YoudeComment