Is that just a job for now or?

When people ask what you do for a living and replying something like ‘assistant’ makes you almost definitely have to follow up with “it’s just for now while I figure out my career”. Or the flip side of this - when you explain you’re an assistant but they respond with something like ‘Oh, is that just for now or?’

This is just an example but I’m sure you get where I’m coming from. Now, this is probably going to be such an unpopular opinion but here goes - I feel like feminism has caused too much pressure for women to have great, strong, powerful careers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so great that women are now becoming equals and are in these powerful jobs… but I do feel like theres now a pressure for us all to have a professional career and if we don’t have a career in mind, or if we aren’t working tirelessly to have one, then we are lesser and not quite good enough for society.

My personal example of this is that I worked abroad for two years doing seasons. I had the absolute time of my life. I’ve been back in the country for seven months and originally got a job as an assistant in a Law firm (‘just for now’ ‘Just for a year to get experience’ ‘Just to figure out my career’) - I’ve since worked my way up to a managerial role and have had three pay rises. Now, hypocritically, this isn’t my career. I want to go into writing or Social Media management - however, if this was my goal… To earn the same amount as my sister who’s a teacher but have a way less stressful job - well, it should be good enough.

Society is full of pressures and I feel like a job shouldn’t necessarily be one of them. If you’re happy working as a labourer or assistant or anything else that isn’t classed as a prestigious career but you’re making enough money... Then you do you. If you are a career driven lawyer or girl boss with your own company then yes… You do you too. My point is that either way - it shoulnt’t be a pressure or a worry.

We all need to just stop for a minute and stop needing ‘more’ to be happy or to be enough. You have a job, family and friends, food to eat, a roof over your head and good health. Anything extra is purely just that. You choose and work for your ‘extras’. With 0 judgement of others choice of their ‘extras’.

So next time someone asks what you’re doing with your life... respond without any sort of justification.

See you soon,

Meg xx

Megan YoudeComment