You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

While I was led (led is the Bristolian term for lying down) in bed the other evening, scrolling through Instagram and constantly getting back to the “you’re all caught up” banner- I thought there’s got to be more to life than this. Not that I’m hating on Instagram, I think that banner is a great feature. Very helpful actually.

I mean more to life itself. I shouldn’t be spending every evening in bed, not accomplishing anything other than scoffing 1,000 calories as a snack (I suppose that is kind of a mini achievement). So, I decided to Google a few things…

Almost instantaneously, I found a website called FutureLearn. It basically has a load of free (woo), online training courses you join and you only need to commit a couple of hours a week so you can just do it in your spare time. Work it around your busy life. Or not so busy life if you’re anything like me. I’ve joined the ‘Start Writing Fiction’ course because as it turns out, I actually quite like writing. If only my old English teacher could see me now. I’m also going to join a logical thinking one after because I could do with polishing my skills in that area. There are literally loads of courses - from psychology to arts, to maths, screenwriting etc.

I’m writing this - slightly random - post because of my mini-meltdown the other day about feeling stuck in life. I had so many people messaging me saying they’re in the same situation. WE’VE GOT THIS. The past couple of weeks have shown me that actually, I’m more creative than I thought and I actually really enjoy writing and taking cute pics - flat lays especially. I’m also looking into a two-day cinematography course! Who knows, Happy Go Meg could hit the big screen one day (by big screen I definitely mean YouTube). So, I’ve decided that instead of panicking about finding my dream career (and the fact I’m not already happily married with 2 children and a dog), I’m going to just find hobbies I enjoy and see what happens. Baby steps I guess you’d call it.

So, I hope you enjoy your snoop around their website and hopefully find something that takes your fancy. I’d literally never heard of anything like this before my late night Google. Let me know if you join any!

Happy October 3rd…

Meg xx