The Everyman Cinema

I walked towards the beautiful building, situated at the heart of the bustling White Ladies Road in Bristol’s City Center. The film names being shown were above the extravagant entrance which had an almost retro feel. Above this were huge letters that glowed the name of the cinema in bright, white lights. Just from the first look, I could tell it was going to be well worth the tenner I had spent on the ticket.

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I’ve visited the cinema twice. Once was to watch the scary film ‘IT’ and the second was actually quite recently when I went to the premier of the series ‘Horizon’ - so these are the pictures I’ve inserted.

We walked inside to be met with luxurious furnishings and dimmed lighting. To the right was the bar that had hundreds of bottles of wine on show and in front was a seating area that was big enough to not feel intimidating but still small enough to feel exclusive.

We ordered a glass of wine from the bar and sat in huge arm chairs around a small, glass topped table that was glowing from the lit candles that sat on top. It was at this point I saw my shoe choice and realised Vans probably weren’t the greatest choice. Although, I definitely hadn’t been judged. The whole space was inviting and welcoming.

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We slowly drank our wine before going back to the bar to order another to take in with us. It was only then that we learned you could order pizza and ice cream sundaes from the bar to be delivered to your seats (the dreaam). So we did just that; I ordered a pizza, took my new glass of cold white wine and we made our way to the screen.

The minute walk to the screen was decorated with the signature ‘IT’ red balloons dotted around and the dim lighting added to the effect. We made our way to the end of the walk way only for the room to open up into a mass of plush, soft red sofas with gold detailing and little wooden rests for your food and wine. The ceiling and walls were literally like a piece of art.

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We found our perfect sofa, put our glasses down and then saw the pile of neatly rolled blankets near the stage. We grabbed ourselves a couple and set up our little area to enjoy the film. The pizza was then delivered to us and it was then confirmed that it really was the best tenner (more like £30 after the wine and pizza) ever.

The film was great but I mean, this is a cinema review so I won’t go into the film else we’ll be here forever.

Once the film was finished, we were thanked by the great staff for coming and made our way back to the car - slightly in a sleepy daze from the comfort of the sofas and tummy full of alcohol and food (The designated driver didn’t drink don’t worry).

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So - overall, I would highly recommend this cinema. It’s more of an experience rather than a quick pop to vue. Perfect for a date or a night with friends!

Let me know if you’ve ever been and what you thought,

Meg xx

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