Egyptian magic all purpose skin cream

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Today I’m going to introduce to you, this incredible product. Please excuse the fact half of the packaging has rubbed off - it’s extremely well loved.

Egyptian magic

Egyptian magic

This is basically an all purpose balm, made from natural and rich ingredients. You can purchase this tub of magic on Amazon, in Boots and a few other websites. I got mine from Amazon in January and I still have more than half left.

I use a tiny bit on my face in the morning after cleansing, to put back any moisture I’ve washed away. I then use a large amount before bed to act as a moisture mask, which leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated.

You warm a small amount in your - clean - hands and apply!

I have combination to oily skin (which gets very oily towards the end of the day), with a few dry patches here and there - especially coming into central heating season. So do not fear the fact that this product is oil based - it doesn’t cause any unwanted grease!

This balm protects your skin, ensures its deeply moisturised and gives you that all natural, radiant glow. It smells completely neutral (goodbye granny fragrances) and doesn't clog your pores! It’s pretty much a win win product and I do not know what I’d do without it.


It’s a little on the pricy side at around £26, compared to your trusty Simple moisturiser, but that’s because it’s literally like nothing else out there. I’m not exaggerating when I say it will change your life.

*maybe slightly exaggerating, but only slightly.

You can also use this as a cuticle balm, lip balm, make up remover (Rub a decent amount in a circular motion, then use a hot cloth or flannel [highly dislike that word] to gently remove), pre fake tan moisturiser on dry patches, use around hairline when dying your hair/brows if tinting, eyelash oil and even on stretch marks and scars.


Write in the comment section your thoughts on this literal magic all purpose cream/any other ways to use it that I haven't mentioned.

Thank you for reading!

Meg xx