February Beauty Favourites

Welcome back to the beauty section of my blog. I feel like I haven’t written anything to do with beauty for so long. It’s my mission to start uploading one blog post per week related to beauty because it really is my fave thing to write about.

Talking of faves, here are my beauty favourites for the month of February. Some are old loves and some are things I’ve recently come across and have fallen in love with:

  • Palmers Cocoa butter Formula as face moisturiser. Now, I’m sure you would have heard me talking about this if you follow me over on my Instagram (@happygomeg), but I am obsessed with the stuff. I picked mine up from Superdrug for around £3 and have just completely fallen in love with it. I used to use it all the time going a few years back but I just forgot about it until recently. I have such sensitive and dry skin but I am oily around my chin and general T-zone area which means I do get clogged pores and a few breakouts. But this stuff just keeps my skin hydrated and literally does not break me out - even though it’s a rich and rather thick formula. It also absorbed straight away and doesn’t leave any weird residue on my skin. I just love it and highly recommend

  • Hair mousse. Okay so I bought some hair products the other day to try and help give my hair a little more volume instead of being the flat pancake it usually is and I have to say, the mousse really did it for me. I feel like it does make my hair greasy very quickly (i.e. it would look a bit greasy on second day hair which doesn’t usually happen) but I now am just using it for when I am going out so I don’t mind if I have to wash my hair the next day. I won’t be using it every time I wash my hair basically because I can’t deal with it looking greasy so quickly. I pump a golf ball amount into the hands and work through the roots of my hair (I try not to put it directly on the roots but keep it near the top ) when my hair is around 70% towel dried. I then blow dry th rest upside down et viola. Your hair has volumeee

  • On the whole hair volume train, I really needed to mention texturising powder. Now, this makes your hair feel gross. you can’t run your fingers through the roots because it’s all sticky but, if you’re going out for the evening/night and want volume, this is the way to get it. it would also be great for when your hair needs a wash but you shove it into a messy bun instead. It really does give your hair texture and body and I am addicted to the stuff

  • Kiko Milano lipstick in shade 02 Vintage Rose. I think. So I have this lipstick I got form Kiko a while ago and I found it in a random draw the other day and now I cannot stop wearing it. the only issue is, the name and the shade info has rubbed off so I have no idea what it is. After much perusing on the Kiko Milano website, I have come to the conclusion that it is their Unlimited Stylo creamy, semi-matte lipstick in 02 Vintage rose. Here’s the link. I wanted to still include it because it’s all I’ve been wearing and Kikos lipsticks in general are incredible and definitely worth a try

  • Body Oil. This for me is is oldie but a goodie. I started using oils for my bod when I lived in Courchevel because I needed all the moisture I could get. Altitude does many things to the bod and dry skin is one of them. So I found the most phenomenal oil in the Pharmacy there which was beautiful and smelled amazing and left your skin glowing and just uhhh I loved it. But sadly, that ran out and you can get it in the UK. The most similar thing is the nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil which is rather on the pricy side but also, it smells rather strong. So, I was on the hunt and came across Sanctuary Spa’s Massage and Body Oil. here. It smells like the classic Sanctuary scent and leaves your skin hydrated and glowing. It’s not as nice as the French one but it’s still up there. It’s also £8 and you get 150ml!

So those are the products I have been loving in the month of February. I know there weren’t many make-up items however I have just done a bit of a drugstore shop so I will let you know of any stand out products in March’s faves.

Speak to you soon,

Meg xx

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