How to help with puffy under eyes

So around 6 months ago, the area under my left eye decided to swell whenever I was tired. Which is all the time. It’s now a permanent feature my face and I’m not ok with it. At all.

I decided to take to Instagram and ask if anyone else is having the same thing or if I just have a problem. Low and behold, I’m not alone with the puffiness situation - quite a few people messaged saying they have it too. A few people actually said it’s due to age but I mean… I’m 23. Surely, I’m not ageing just yet. Can it? I do have 1 laugh line on the right of my mouth so it could may well be. Others just confirmed it is purely down to the lack of sleep with juggling a full time job, a hobby, socialising and eating. Eating gets it’s own category because it' takes up so much of my life. Either way, some of you wanted some tips on how to get rid. I had no idea so i’ve been doing some research. By research, I mean using this post as an excuse to buy loads of products.

The obvious thing to start off with is sleep. However we’re all in this situation due to the lack of time to cram in the Zzz’s so I’m not going to go into this much. All I can say is that we need to try and get around 8 hour a night. I’m also going to include screen time into this one as that does play a part in the whole lack of sleep thing. We’re advised to switch all screens off around an hour before we want to be asleep. If this isn’t possible, most phones and laptops now have sleep mode. If not, turning the brightness down to a minimum will help too! I guess staring at a screen so close to our face doesn’t exercise the muscles around our eyes so it kind of makes sense that this can cause problems.

Sleep mask. This is something that has been proved to work. The doctor also recommended this to me when I went and had some tests done recently. It stimulates the natural oils to lubricate (not saying anything) back to normal levels after around two weeks of use. You then have to continue to use this nightly to keep everything all nice and healthy. Staring at screen dries our eyes out and I mean, we are all guilty of that. Even if you don’t work at a desk - we all have a little scroll on Social Media daily. I’m doing a brand review on Grace & Stella Co. soon so all products are by these guys. They sell everything on Amazon which makes it easily accessible. This is the mask I’ve been using. You can either warm it in the microwave or cool it in the freezer. Warming it is the best one for sleeping in. Cooling is best to wear it a pre-night out nap to reduce any puffiness going on from the day. It’s also pink and pretty.

Under eye patches. The word patches reminds me of those things you can get to quit smoking that you used to see advertised on TV. Ahh, British childhood. These patches however, are full of (plant based) collagen and other great things that help cool and brighten your under eye area. I keep them in the fridge and my goodness, they feel so good. Again, this is something you can use before makeup as you only need to keep them on for 10 minutes for them to work their magic. They’re also vegan which is a win. Here’s the link to the ones I’m talking about. But you can get them from most drugstores!

Face roller. Now this is a new discovery for me and I feel I need to share it with the world because it’s phenomenal. Not just for under eyes but all problem areas. It’s made to help with ageing and there’s a bit of science behind it but basically, you roll it around your face and it brings blood to the surface and also helps drain toxins. Thus, helping with puffiness, excess water weight, under eye circles and wrinkles. Yes, yes and yes. For just under £14 you really cannot go wrong. Who needs to go under the knife or needle when you can just roll a cute, pink thing around your face for a few minutes a day? Here’s a link to mine. I highly recommend this product!

The last thing I’m going to mention is water. Again, another given but water really does hydrate the skin, help eliminate toxins and solve word peace. I’m joking but 2 litres a day (more if you’re active) really does solve so many issues and reduces bloat and puffiness. Don’t forget your reusable water bottle though!

I hope this has been of some help. There were quite a few suggestions on Google but I feel like these are the best ones. There are other brands selling the same products, I’m just recommending the ones I’ve been using!

See you in the next one,

Meg xx