Lip gloss is the new matte

When I was around six years old I had a little, plastic makeup desk that was full of bright lip stick options and blue eye shadows. It also had a clear, very glittery lip gloss that smelled half like plastic and half like chemicals - I absolutely loved it! (Not the smell… the gloss)

Now that I’m officially an adult - cry - I like to think I have better taste when it comes to make up. Don’t get me wrong, lip products have never really been my thing - I merely dabble in this area of cosmetics. And by dabble, I mean run to Tesco when heating season hits and find the cheapest chap stick I can get my hands on.


I found an old lip gloss in my draw and fell in love! When I say old, I mean approximately three months, not the glitter gloss…

unnamed (3).jpg

I’ve been using it every day for the past few weeks and have even invested in a few more. I like the Burts Bees ones as they’re 100% natural and are very hydrating. They’re slightly thicker which means they last a surprising amount of time, without a top up, and I can confidently say, my hair has not got stuck to it. You can get glosses with SPF in them, which is a win win as your lips are one of the first places that start to show aging! The last positive I’m going to mention is that glossy lips look more plump a fuller than our old matte friends.

unnamed (2).jpg

I’ve popped some pictures of the ones I’ve been loving at the moment and highly recommend you try the whole lip gloss thing.


I feel that matte lips may be out this Autumn and glossy, hydrated lips are the way forwards.

unnamed (1).jpg

Let me know if you’re on the gloss wagon and if so, what products you recommend.

Meg xx