Clarins Skin Illusion

Today I’m coming at you with a foundation review. Now, I feel I have found my favourite foundation which is actually a popular Drugstore foundation - but I’ll tell you all about that in another post. Today we’re talking high end… Which means more money and more importantly, higher expectations.

I’m going to start with my honest opinion and then explain why.


Firstly, I love the packaging. It’s made from glass so it has a nice weight to it - it feels bouji. I love the pipette applicator as it mades application easy and controlled. But I mean, that’s all I can comment on that. In summary; it’s easy, you can tell it’s on the pricier side of things and it’s sleek.

Now for the actual product. I absolutely love how dewy the finish it. It’s almost like a serum texture but with good enough coverage. I’d actually say it’s light to medium but isn’t necessarily buildable. Basically if you’ve got a breakout - you’ll need to follow up with concealer but then again - I do with pretty much every foundation I try anyway. You can still see skin which I love in a foundation and it just leaves your complexion looking hydrated and healthy with an incredible glow. The fragrance is very mild which is great - it’s the type of scent you expect from Clarins. You can also use both a brush to blend this out as well as a Beauty Blender (or similar - I use the real technique sponges). I would say this is more of an every day/evening meal product instead of your full glam go to. If you are looking for that dewy glow, this is the product for you. The good thing is, this product doesn't make me oily - despite the serum texture. I use a little powder in my t-zone and I’m sorted!


For the pro’s of this product…. I wouldn’t actually say there any many however my one little pro is that this product isn’t overly long lasting. I find that it separates and fades throughout the day. Although I do have a busy job where I’m rushing around all day so maybe that isn’t a fair test. I am suffering with some dry patches at the moment due to heating weather and I’ve actually found that by the end of the working day, the product highlights the dryness. Which is odd due to the fact it is a serum texture and dewy finish. Those are my only pros though so it just depends the type of product you’re looking for.

Overall, I am really enjoying the product but I don’t think I would re-purchase. Although maybe that is just because I like trying new foundations…. But if it’s that ‘wow, my skin looks so healthy and that glow looks so great’ finish you’re looking for - definitely give it a go!

See you soon,

Meg xx

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