My fake tan routine

My sister text me the other day asking for tips on how to tan so I thought I’d do a blog post on it and share it with you all.

Now, I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to tan - I hate having orange hands or ankles. I also tend to not fake tan often but when I do, it’s for an event or something similar so I like to make sure it’s as natural and streak free as possible.

First thing’s first - a great fake tan. My all time favourite fake tan is Bondi Sands in the shade ‘dark’. It is truly the best fake tan in the world (in my opinion). I absolutely love that the colour has such a natural undertone and it goes on like a dream.


I try to exfoliate, shave and moisturise the day before I want to tan so that the tan goes on evenly and doesn’t stick to any drier areas or hair follicles. I do normally wax which is great as it means the process is much quicker! I’ll talk about my waxing routine soon too. I then just use exfoliating gloves from Superdrug - here’s a link to mine. I find these do the job with really not a lot of effort and they’re completely re-usaeable (plus they’re super affordable). I tend to not use any exfoliating products as I find them messy and not quite intense enough to get off old tan. Using the gloves in a circular motion towards the heart, also helps with circulation so it really is a must in your routine - even if you don’t fake tan!

Once I’m smooth and moisturised and have waited at least a few hours - it’s time to apply the tan. There are so many fake tan mitts on the market and they all do the same job - so grab any from your local drugstore and you’re ready to go. I tend to use three pumps for each area of my body. Three for lower legs, three for upper legs, three for my stomach, three per arm and then three for you back. Once I’ve blended the tan in completely (the Bondi Sands tan has a deep guide colour so you can see where you’re putting it) I then move on to my hands. I take the mitt off the hand I’m tanning (obviously) but still use the other to apply. Now, I use a tiny little bit and start on the back of my hands. I then blend it up my fingers, between my fingers and down onto my wrists for a completely streak free, natural looking tan. No patchy orange hands here.

I then stand and let the product dry until it’s dry to the touch and then pop on an old t-shirt to sleep in. I always do my tan before bed so I can sleep in it and wash off that guide colour I said about earlier. Once you wash it off - you’re left with a golden tan that looks completely natural! I find it has that fake tan smell for the first day but it’s completely gone by the second day! It also lasts around a week which is so great.


For an even deeper tan, I apply another coat around half an hour after the first. Again sleep in this and wash the guide colour off in the morning!

If you have super dry elbows or heels, you can use a little bit of moisturiser just before you apply the fake tan to act as a barrier on the skin. It just means it won’t absorb as much of the tan so therefore won’t leave you with really dark patches (yay).

To remove the tan once it does start fading - I just use my trusty mitts again to exfoliate it all off.

I hope this has helped you Hollie - and anyone else reading this! Let me know what fake tan products you use over on my Instagram.

See you soon,

Meg xx