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I’m currently milking a slight hangover, feeling ever so slightly nauseous (understatement), watching Sunday Brunch, with last night’s make-up on… slightly ironic seeing as this is a skincare post but hey ho - we can’t all be flawless beauty gurus I suppose.

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Starting off with my make-up removal. I love Garnier Micellar Water so much - it’s quick, easy and gentle to remove all make-up. If you went a bit ott with the mascara last night (me), just saturate two cotton rounds with the stuff, press on your eyes for approximately 20 second and wipe away! It’s magic. I do occasionally dabble with coconut oil if my skin is needing a moisture boost but I mean, I don’t always have the effort to melt my make-up or time time wiping it away with a hot cloth. Which is why Micellar water is such a dream.

Next I cleanse my skin. I’m currently using The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash. I’m absolutely obsessed with the smell of tea tree so this first thing in the morning is incredible. I’ve been using this for around 6 months and I still have half the bottle left! This stuff if a great, general cleanser that does it’s job of getting my skin clean. I can’t say I can particularly see any difference with breakouts but I mean, it’s a facial wash - not a miracle worker.

Now that my skin is squeaky clean, it’s time to exfoliate. I’ve recently discovered the Nip+Fab Glycolic Liquid Glow and ohhh my goodness - you need it. It’s a liquid exfoliator (which is a revelation) and it has already changed my skin. I used to use the Pixi Glow Tonic which I also love but this seems to be slightly more effective on my skin. You put some of the product on to a cotton round and wipe over your face. It might sting a little if you have any spots but it’s just the magic liquid doing it’s job. It brightens your complexion, helps keep the pimples at bay, cleans blocked pores and wipes away dead skin cells - giving you that glow. Ps, it’s currently on sale in Boots for £13.30 instead of £19.95!

It’s now time to quench your skins thirst. On a day to day basis I go in with the Nip+Fab Dragon’s blood Fix Plumping Serum. Also on sale for £13.30 instead of £19.95. Boots, you are treating us today. I use two pumps for my face and neck and gently massage this in. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the smell - not that it’s a strong smell but it’s just not what I expected from Dragons blood I suppose. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and I no longer have any pesky dry patches and my skin is definitely feeling quenched.

Last but not least, time to moisturise. I think I’m Egyptian Magic’s biggest fan. I’ve even done an entire blog post about it here. Although it may seem on the slightly pricier side of things, it will last you for ever. I’ve used mine daily on my face, hands and cuticles as well as general dry areas of my body for the past 10 months and I’m still not even half way through the tub! For a more in depth review, check out my blog post where I tell you exactly how I use it!

So, that is my daily routine! However, I do use a couple of products around twice per week. One of them being rose hip oil. I got mine from TKMaxx for around £6 and I’m in love with it. I was so scared of oils at first as I have quite the oily t-zone, however they have changed my skin and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to use them. I use this before my serum so I can really massage the oil into my skin which helps get the blood circulating to the surface, promoting cell production and general healthy skin. Oils and massage also help with fine lines and scarring. There are loads of YouTube videos you can watch on this but I highly recommend! It feels soo luxurious as well… mmm I know what I’m doing after this post (once I’ve made myself some Marmite on toast to settle the tummy).

The last thing I’m going to mention is my all time favourite face mask. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I got mine from Amazon however I can’t actually find it on there to share the link. It’s basically a Bentonite clay mask and loads of brands make them so you can still pick up a similar product! You mix the powdered mask with apple cider vinegar or water et voila - you just slap (or carefully spread) the mask over your problem areas, wait 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water! The mask pulls your skin and tingles to a point where you’re wondering if you’re going to have any skin left. But you do - and it’s smooth, soft, clear, fresh looking skin. Your pores look minimised and it dries up any spots!

So, that is all for my skincare routine. I hope this maybe gives you a few ideas of great, affordable products out there at the moment. Let me know your favourite skincare products for the colder months on my lastest Instagram post!

Happy Sunday everyone,

Meg xx

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