Beauty must-haves: October

With a new season, comes new beauty needs. October may be the month for all things autumn but it’s also the month for all things hydrating. The colder weather is begging to set in, central heating is slowing being introduced to our daily lives and our coffee intake is also increasing. All in all, any dewy glow we had from the warmth of summer is literally being sucked out from us.

Because of this, I’ve listed a few October must have to help with the paling skin and overall flaky exterior.

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A good moisturiser

Never underestimate the power of a great moisturiser. I used to be so worried about using too much in case it caused a mass of oil production but actually, it helps to balance your skin instead. Moisturised skin also helps with blemishes, scarring, fine lines and overall brightness of your complexion. The great thing is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune - I use and love the Aveeno range.


I’d never really understood the point of exfoliating until recently. I mean, I knew it got rid of dead skin cells (ew) but I never really saw a difference and the products I used never seemed to last very long. I tried an array of salt and sugar scrubs without really seeing the point of it all. Anyway, I was recently in Superdrug when I purchased some exfoliating gloves. I hopped in the shower, scrubbed in circular motions and wow, that was the moment I became hooked. My skin felt so soft and looked so smooth. You do tend to go a little pink but that’s just the blood going to the surface. This helps with circulation - i.e. cellulite! All in all, they’re a pretty great thing and for £2, you really can’t go wrong! In regards to exfoliating my face, I’ve been loving liquid exfoliatiors. They’re basically acids (not as scary it sounds) that you use with a cotton round and wipe across your skin - I wrote all about the one I’ve been using in my last post. All in all, exfoliation is my new fave thing.

Polished nails

I envy girls that constantly have their gel nails done but I’m just too lazy for the upkeep and it really does cost a bomb. I love my nails to be quite natural and healthy looking as it’s easy to maintain and they just look nice and polished (no pun intended). I get the natural look by filing my nails to a rounded, mid length and adding a lick of a glossy top coat. I then hydrate my cuticles using an oil or a balm and they’re done - bob really is your uncle. Quick, simple and easy to maintain.

Lip balm

Tis the season for sore, dry and cracked lips - so I always like to have a few lip balms with me to keep that problem at bay. I do feel like a few products can actually dry my lips out so I’m a bit picky with balms. My absolute, all time favourite is the Albus & Flora range. Mine is in ‘sheer’ which just gives you the nicest, hydrated sheen to your lips and they stay moisturised for such a long time. I got this for skiing as it has SPF 30 but I’ve been using it ever since. It doesn’t dry your lips out if you stop using it either which is great. The ingredients are also pretty natural so it’s a win all round.

A nude lip

I feel like October isn’t quite close enough to Christmas for the infamous berry lip - so, a warm nude is the next best thing. I love me a pinky nude lip. I have an olive skin tone so I do find it a bit tricky finding one with the right undertone. It’s actually crazy how many different shades of nude there are out there - it’s highly confusing. But I have finally grown a mini collection. My favourite is actually one I got from Kiko Milano and cost me under £5. I also love Mac Whirl which is on the darker side of life.

Glowing skin

Glowing skin has got to be my favourite beauty trend. Dewy, hydrated skin looks so natural and pretty and is actually relatively easy to achieve. I don’t have the clearest skin eve - I actually suffer with quite bad breakouts near my chin which means I can’t go for super sheer foundations. But medium coverage doesn’t have to mean matte. I’ve been using face oils for a while now and I’m obsessed. They create the perfect, dewy base for your foundation - along with SPF! SPF is something I’ll talk about in another post buy layered over the oil leaves your skin looking plump and literally glowing. Once I’ve applied my foundation, bronzer, powder etc. I put a little glow back in by using a cream highlighter. I love the Watts up by Benefit.

Warm eye shadow

A warm toned brown/orange shadow is a must for me. It’s a little detail that adds all the difference to your look. I love the contrast between a single warm colour on your lid compared to a sweep of jet black mascara. It’s so quick and easy but just finishes off your make-up look. I love the shade ‘summer yum’ mixed with ‘puree’ in the Too Faced palette Sweet Peach. It may be a summer palette but warm shades can literally be used all year round. I just take it all over my crease and up towards my brow bone, as well as under my lower lash line to create a subtle smoky look.


The last October must have I’m going to talk about is water. It may not be a product but it’s very very important for that all over glow. Heating season is under way which causes us to dehydrate. Our skin is our biggest organ which is kind of gross to think about, but that’s why it’s the first thing to show if you’re dehydrated. Your lips especially. I use a reusable BPA free bottle that I picked up from Tesco for £10 and it means I drink soo much more water as I carry it with me everywhere! I try to drink around 2.5 liters of water a day and it’s actually not as hard as it used to be for me. I guess you just get into a routine. I also like to add a bit of lemon or even some squash if I’m really pushing the boat out.

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So those are my beauty must haves for October. Let me know your must haves on Instagram @happygomeg

See you soon,

Meg xx

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